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About Fysiotherapie Vis in Wageningen.

We believe that our diversity in specialisms and their great interaction can help remedy your complaints more efficiently.
No matter the nature of your complaint, we will make sure that you see the right specialist. 


The quality of Fysiotherapie Vis

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All our physiotherapists are registered and entered in the quality register of the KNGF.

Our clinic highly values quality and continuity and is, therefore, certified according to the HKZ-ISO 9001 standard. Within the framework of quality improvement, our physiotherapists consult with their peers in a so-called Intercollegiaal Overleg Fysiotherapie (IOF) and, when necessary, in an Oncology IOF.

In addition, our clinic undergoes regular quality audits. The Qualiview research bureau awarded an average score of 8.8 out of 10 to our clinic in 2015, measured over 213 patients.

Within the framework of quality improvement, our physiotherapists participate in consultations with peers (IOF), and on the subject of oncology with peers in the Oncology IOF, and the regional physiotherapy organisation (Regionale Organisatie Fysiotherapie - ROF).

The physiotherapists participate in various regional multi-disciplinary networks that focus on topics such as COPD, Diabetes Mellitus, intermittent claudication, oncology, orthopaedics and sports physiotherapy.