COPD physiotherapy

Physiotherapy in the event of COPD in Wageningen

The chronic lung condition COPD is a collective name for various lung diseases that cause a constriction in the bronchial tubes. Fysiotherapie Vis in Wageningen offers therapy aimed at reducing any bronchial complaints.

COPD physiotherapy COPD physiotherapy

How can physiotherapy help you with COPD?

People who suffer from COPD often feel a tightness of the chest, suffer from chronic infections in the bronchial tubes and cough a lot. This limits their functioning in daily life. Once the illness deteriorates, it can even happen that COPD sufferers have great difficulty in climbing stairs or shopping for groceries. They can also be limited in their movements so that working or visiting friends and family becomes an impossibility. A logical result is that people with COPD start moving less because they think this is what causes the tightness. It is quite the opposite, however. By moving more, the lung function is improved; increased movement can in fact result in COPD sufferers actually getting more air.

Our specially trained COPD therapist has received additional schooling where the correct guidance of people suffering from COPD is concerned. In consultation with the patient, the therapist will compile a customised treatment that includes a movement programme, guidance and coaching. By teaching the patient certain breathing exercises, the COPD therapist can also help to counteract tightness in the chest and coughing up of mucus as much as possible. The goal of the treatment is to enable the patient to participate in more daily activities again, to reduce the tightness and to be able to move independently in a responsible manner.