Dry needling Wageningen

Dry needling at Fysiotherapie Vis in Wageningen.

Dry needling is applied to relax any hardened muscles. It is done by placing a thin acupuncture needle in the hardened muscles with the objective of quickly relaxing them and maintaining that state.
We use a dry needle for the dry needling process; we do not inject any fluids into the muscle. 

How does dry needling work?

Dry needling resembles acupuncture, but the approach is somewhat different. It concerns a special technique involving the placement of a small needle. This needle is placed in the muscles enabling them to quickly relax and remain relaxed for a long period of time. We use a dry acupuncture needle for the dry needling process; we do not inject any fluids into the muscle. We usually use only one needle at the time, used to stimulate the muscle for a short period of time. The needles must be placed in the muscle at specific points, the so-called trigger points. 

What type of complaints necessitates dry needling as the solution?
Dry needling is used when a knot in a muscle, in addition to local pressure pain, also causes pain elsewhere in the body. The treatment will help when suffering from the following symptoms:

  • a painful or tight muscle
  • pain radiating from a muscle
  • reduced strength in the affected muscles
  • a tingling feeling in arms or legs
  • headache or dizziness

Dependent on the severity of your symptoms, the therapist will determine the number of treatments in consultation with you.