Tailor-made therapy
at Physiotherapy Vis

How we achieve quality

At Physiotherapy Vis, we strive to provide the very best care. All our physiotherapists are registered in the KNGF quality register. We closely monitor developments within our field, continuously invest in further training and work according to the latest scientific insights.

Together we achieve more

Our physiotherapists closely work together. Within the practice, and with general practitioners and other medical specialists. We are affiliated with the Intercollegiate Consultation Physiotherapy (IOF) and the Oncology IOF. Our physiotherapists also participate in various multidisciplinary networks in the region. On COPD, diabetes mellitus, intermittent claudication, oncology, orthopedics, and sports physiotherapy.

The specialists of Physiotherapy Vis

Ruub Vis

Practice owner
Edema physiotherapist
Oncology physiotherapist
Orofacial physiotherapist
Pulmonary physiotherapist
BIG – number: 89035342104

Pieter Jansen

Master sports physiotherapist
Teacher master’s degree in musculoskeletal rehabilitation
BIG – number: 19065923004

Roos Dirks

Master manual therapist
BIG – number: 59066860904

Lenette Wetstein-Oosterveld

Edema physiotherapist
Oncology physiotherapist
Claudication physiotherapist
BIG – number: 69034632004

Jelle Westerink

Master manual therapist in training
BIG – number: 79921525904

Maxime Schoorl

BIG – number: 19928019804

Esther van der Kracht

BIG – number: 99928046104

Gerrie van de Poll- van de Wardt

Receptionist / operator