Fitness at
Fysiotherapie Vis

Want to get fitter and stay in shape? Then start working out at Fysiotherapie Vis. Our modern gym offers advanced fitness equipment and various training materials—everything you need to work effectively on your fitness, muscle strength, balance, and flexibility.

Medical fitness

We also provide medical fitness consisting of endurance and circuit training. It includes:

  • Free exercises using various training materials
  • Muscle strength exercises with resistance equipment
  • Endurance training with cardio machines

You can do this under the supervision of a physiotherapist, in a group or individually.

Free fitness

With free fitness, you work on your physical condition by yourself. After a medical intake, we will help you on your way and explain our equipment and exercise schedules.

  • you can exercise twice a week during the free fitness hours.
  • you train individually
  • If you have any questions during the exercise, please contact one of our employees

Schedule an appointment for a fitness intake


Medical or free fitness at Fysiotherapie Vis costs 35 euros per month, paid preferably via a monthly direct debit at the beginning of each month. In most cases, your health insurance does not reimburse fitness.

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