Physiotherapy for COPD

for COPD

Are you quickly short of breath when climbing stairs or while shopping? If you suffer from lung disease (COPD), physiotherapy will give you more air. This also applies if you have been affected by the coronavirus (Covid-19). Our specialist will help you participate in daily life more actively, to be less short of breath, and, above all, to exercise responsibly and independently.


The treatment is a combination of exercises, guidance, and coaching. We train to improve your fitness and muscle strength and do exercises to help you become

more active and breathe better. The coaching stimulates you to stay in motion after the treatment.

Physiotherapy after corona

The coronavirus can have a significant impact on your body. Your lungs may be affected, and possibly you have hardly moved for a long time. After hospitalization, it is essential to start physiotherapy as soon as possible. The guidance of our physiotherapist contributes to a speedy recovery.

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