physiotherapy in Wageningen

Exercising at Fysiotherapie Vis in Wageningen

Our gym, which is located in the basement of the building, is equipped with cardio and resistance equipment, an exercise area for unstructured exercise, separate men's and women's dressing areas with showers, lockers and a reception area. The separate exercise area caters for dumb-bell exercises, floor exercises on mats and relaxation exercises.

physiotherapy in Wageningen physiotherapy in Wageningen

Medical or unstructured training

Medical fitness training consists of workouts and circuit training. The various exercises include:

  • floor exercises on the training mat
  • muscular power exercises with resistance equipment
  • fitness training as in cardiovascular training on the bicycle ergometer, rowing ergometer, cross trainer and the treadmill.

You can do this under the guidance of a physiotherapist, in a group or individually. 

Unstructured exercise is individual exercise without the permanent guidance of a physiotherapist. If you wish, you can attend twice a week provided it falls within the available time frames. In addition to a medical intake interview, the exercise equipment and the use of exercise schedules will be explained. An intake form will have to be completed. During the exercise hours, somebody is always available to answer your questions.

physiotherapy in Wageningen


Medical as well as unstructured exercise are not covered by health insurance. These costs are for your own expense and amount to €35.00 per month. You can pay cash at the beginning of the month. We do, however, prefer payment via direct debit.

Contract and rules


  • The contract must be cancelled in writing and, at the latest, one month before the end of the contract term.
  • In the event of a temporary interruption of the activities due to illness, leave or vacation, the membership fee must continue to be paid. Any exceptions can only take place in consultation with Fysiotherapie Vis.
  • Fysiotherapie Vis reserves the right to reject new participants without giving a reason.
  • Fysiotherapie Vis reserves the right to change training programmes and starting times (these will be put on the notice board in the hall). 
  • Fysiotherapie Vis cannot be held liable for any accidents and injuries.
  • Fysiotherapie Vis cannot be held liable for theft, damage to or loss of goods that are the property of the participants. 



  • You may only enter the exercise area with clean (sport) shoes and sportswear. You are obligated to bring your own towel to cover any equipment you may use.
  • You must make careful and proper use of the materials and equipment and leave them in a tidy manner for the next user.
  • You may use the lockers that are located near the kitchen. You can return the key to the desk. You are not allowed behind the desk or to use the computer.
  • Personal exercise schedules can be found in the binder on the counter; they have been sorted alphabetically.
  • We kindly ask that you do not bring any food into the exercise area. Smoking is prohibited throughout the building.