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Intermittent claudication at Fysiotherapie Vis

The claudication therapist helps those who have a condition called claudicatio intermittens, or intermittent claudication: a constriction of one or more blood vessels in the leg. This vascular constriction reduces the oxygen flow to the leg muscles during physical exercise, causing cramps and stabbing pain.

claudicatio intermittens Wageningen intermittent claudication Wageningen claudicatio intermittens Wageningen

What does intermittent claudication therapy entail?

Scientific research has shown that walking therapy is a good and sometimes even better solution than a dangerous angioplasty procedure or vascular surgery. This is one of the reasons why patients who suffer from this condition are often first referred to the physiotherapist by the vascular surgeon. 

The therapy is mainly aimed at increasing the walking distance. By walking on a treadmill or in the street, we help you to increase your walking distance, bit by bit. We will also check whether your walking pattern, the muscular strength and general endurance can be improved upon. It was demonstrated that after having undergone walking training, people who suffer from this condition have a healthier lifestyle, can continue walking pain-free and that the risk of vascular constrictions worsening is substantially decreased. 

The claudication therapist is specialised in providing walking therapy under guidance and thoroughly understands vascular diseases. Furthermore, these therapists are also trained as lifestyle coaches to support patients who want to quit smoking or who would prefer to have a more active lifestyle.

Those that suffer from vascular constrictions in the legs are almost always referred to us by their general practitioner or vascular surgeon. If you think your symptoms resemble what is written above, consult your general practitioner first.

The therapists who will help you with this condition are affiliated with ClaudicatioNet, a national network of vascular surgeons and skilled physiotherapists.
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