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Manual therapy at Fysiotherapie Vis

Our joints are the hinges of our body. Apart from forming the connection between two bones they enable us to move. That is, when the joint is functioning properly. When moving causes pain or when your freedom of movement has decreased, manual therapy could be the answer.

manual therapy Wageningen manual therapy Wageningen

What does the manual therapist do?

When your joints are sore, the manual therapist can help you remedy that. By moving the joint in a specific way, the complaints will become less. Often, after just one treatment, you will notice that moving becomes easier. The manual therapist can help you when you suffer from the following:

  • head and neck pains in combination with a fairly rigid vertebral column
  • neck and shoulder complaints that radiate to the arms
  • lower back complaints, radiating to the legs or not
  • upper back complaints, combined or not combined with rib and or chest pains or dizziness when moving the neck
  • jaw complaints, combined or not combined with the neck
  • hip complaints

Do you suffer from these complaints, or does one of your joints trouble you? Manual therapy could be the answer. Fysiotherapie Vis offers professional manual therapy with excellent treatment results. Your complaints will rapidly decrease and you will learn to prevent future strains.

Would you like to know more about manual therapy, or would you like to make an appointment with one of our specialists?