orofacial physiotherapy Wageningen

Orofacial physiotherapy in Wageningen

What exactly is orofacial physiotherapy? This area of specialisation is also called jaw physiotherapy. Certain diseases or disorders cause head, jaw or neck complaints. These complaints are remedied by a treatment from the orafacial physiotherapist.

What does the jaw physiotherapist do?

Problems in the masticatory system, nervous disorders, complaints resulting from cancer in the head or neck area and neck disorders are treated by the jaw physiotherapist.  This therapist is the expert par excellence to advise and guide you when in pain and suffering from dysfunction of the head, face and neck regions. By collaborating with general practitioners, dentists, orthodontists, ENT doctors, dental surgeons and neurologists, we can offer you the best possible care.

Make an appointment at Fysiotherapie Vis when you suffer from one of these complaints:

  • jaw complaints
  • jaw clamping and teeth grinding
  • pain in the face, the jaw or the head
  • headache complaints
  • oedema
  • facial paralysis
  • dizziness
  • neck and shoulder complaints
  • after effects of accidents and fractures, cancer, rheumatism and other syndromes with issues in the head and neck area
  • tension in the head and neck area
orofacial physiotherapy Wageningen