paediatric physiotherapy Wageningen

Paediatric physiotherapy at Fysiotherapie Vis in Wageningen.

Each child develops differently. The one moves easily and for the other, it is substantially more difficult. Have you noticed that your little one has difficulty in making certain steps or has ligament deviations? If so, make an appointment with the paediatric physiotherapist at Fysiotherapie Vis.

paediatric physiotherapy Wageningen paediatric physiotherapy Wageningen paediatric physiotherapy Wageningen

What does the paediatric physiotherapist do?

The paediatric physiotherapist is a specialist in the treatment of children up to the age of 18 years. This mostly concerns children with a lag in movement development or with motor issues. Children who have difficulty in keeping up with their peer group in a physical or social-emotional sense can also benefit from physiotherapy.

During the therapy, we work together with the child, the parents and, if needed, the teachers. The treatment consists of movement therapy; during this treatment children learn to develop and improve their motor skills. We will aim at a level that relates to the child's perception of their environment. We will use child-friendly training materials in a large exercise area.

Common symptoms in children are:

  • a lag in development compared to their peer group
  • issues with gross or fine motor skills
  • babies with a preferential posture

Symptoms could also occur during growth, such as hyper mobility and injuries when practising sports.