post-operative rehabilitation

Supervised rehabilitation at Fysiotherapie Vis in Wageningen

Following a period of illness, an accident or surgery, your body needs time to recover. In addition, it can be impossible to properly perform certain actions anymore. Rehabilitating under the supervision of a physiotherapist could be of great benefit here. In this way you will learn to move again, properly and without any pain.

Recovery with the help of a physiotherapist

Rehabilitation is equal to recovery. Rehabilitation aims at preventing permanent injuries or functional limitations. What this means, is that you are returned to your original level after a period of illness or following an operation. When a full recovery is not feasible, the training strives to enable you to recover functions and possibilities as much as possible. This could strongly improve your quality of life. Although rehabilitation can sometimes take place in a group, the treatment plan is determined with and for the individual patient. Our rehabilitation area will give you plenty of opportunity to exercise under intensive and professional supervision.

rehabilitation Wageningen