sports physiotherapy Wageningen

Sports physiotherapy in Wageningen

The Netherlands is quite a sport-loving country. More than half the Dutch go out and about each week to work on their physical condition, be it individually or as part of a group. This is good, but exercise can come with injuries. The sports physiotherapist at Fysiotherapie Vis will help you with sport-related complaints.

sports physiotherapy Wageningen sports physiotherapy Wageningen sports physiotherapy Wageningen

What does the sports physiotherapist do?

Sports physiotherapy is about more than just healing sport injuries. The therapist will also help sporters prevent injuries. The sports physiotherapist is able to advise, inform and guide starting or experienced sporters based on specific knowledge.

After the injury, the goal of therapy is to take the sporter back to his/her old level of activity as soon as possible. We will compile an individual treatment plan for each sporter. This plan will be based on the sport you practice, making the treatment as specific as possible. On the basis of an individual sports analysis, physical examination, analysis of movement patterns and motor qualities (coordination, force, agility, speed and endurance) a rehabilitation plan will be compiled to meet your needs and expectations.

In order to offer the sporter the maximum support, we collaborate closely with regional sports doctors, orthopaedic specialists and sports masseurs. We are, among other things, affiliated to the orthopaedic network (shoulder and foremost cruciate ligament) of the Gelderse Vallei hospital. In addition, we collaborate with sports psychologists, sports podiatrists, nutrition experts and various sports clubs.


  • Gelderse Vallei hospital
  • Sportzorg
  • claudicatio net
  • Gelderse Vallei orthopaedic network

– shoulder network

– foremost cruciate ligament network

  • Gelderse Vallei COPD network
  • Gelderse Vallei DM network
  • Gelderse Vallei cardiovascular risk management network
  • Gelderse Vallei oncology network (Kanker in de Regio)
  • Sports clubs ONA'53 and KV Wageningen