measuring therapeutic stockings Wageningen

The right support with therapeutic stockings from Fysiotherapie Vis

At times, during oedema therapy for example, certain types of compression are prescribed to counteract swelling. A good example would be therapeutic elastic stockings. These stockings are carefully fitted making sure they give the proper support.

Where can I have these types of stockings fitted?

The general practitioner or a medical specialist can prescribe therapeutic elastic stockings. These stockings not only help to combat lymphoedema, they also support the skin and blood vessels to, for example, discourage the development of varicose veins.

The oedema therapist at Fysiotherapie Vis in Wageningen will carefully measure the body part in question so a fully customised stocking can be ordered for you. Once the stockings are delivered, we will contact you for a fitting appointment. In this way we will know for sure that you are going home with a good pair of stockings.

Would you like to know more about the stockings or how they are fitted? Make an appointment at Fysiotherapie Vis in Wageningen.

measuring therapeutic stockings Wageningen