intermittent claudication?

What is
intermittent claudication?

Intermittent claudication, also known as vascular claudication, involves a reduced supply of blood (and therefore oxygen) to your leg muscles. A narrowing of the leg arteries causes fatigue and pain in, for example, your foot, calf, thigh, or buttock while walking.

Effects of intermittent claudication therapy:

  • Pain reduction
  • Walking longer distances again
  • Improved blood circulation in the muscles

  • Healthier lifestyle
  • More muscle strength
  • Improved stamina

Working together

Our specialized intermittent claudication therapist offers a safe, effective treatment. In many cases, it prevents the need for surgery. Under the therapist’s guidance, you will improve the blood flow and coordination of your muscles. Other important points of attention are gait, muscle strength, and general condition.

Our intermittent claudication therapist

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