Recover with the help
of a physiotherapist

Do you need to rehabilitate an accident, surgery, or illness? Recover faster under the professional guidance of our specialized physiotherapist.

Rehabilitation room

Before we get started, we set clear goals together in a personal rehabilitation plan. The physiotherapist will help you achieve these goals in the right way at the right time.

Our rehabilitation room offers everything you need to work intensively on your recovery.

Professional guidance

Rehabilitation is often a challenging process, both physically and mentally. Your mind wants to recover as quickly as possible, but your body needs time. There is always a risk of overload.


That is why professional medical guidance is necessary. Our physiotherapist will teach you how best to recover and become pain-free again. Even if full recovery is not feasible, we aim for maximum improvement in the quality of life.

Our rehabilitation therapists

Ruub Vis

Practice owner
Edema physiotherapist
Oncology physiotherapist
Orofacial physiotherapist
Pulmonary physiotherapist
BIG – number: 89035342104

Pieter Jansen

Master sports physiotherapist
Teacher master’s degree in musculoskeletal rehabilitation
BIG – number: 19065923004


Claudicatio fysiotherapeut

Eline van der Fuhr

Tommie Wijnmaalen

Esther van der Kracht

Master sportfysiotherapeut
Docent masteropleiding musculoskeletale revalidatie